Your physical therapy experience will begin with an initial consultation and thorough physical examination. Dr. Hodges will work one-on-one with you during your initial visit and all additional follow-up sessions. In the initial consultation, you can expect to discuss the details of your current condition, your goals and expectations for your physical therapy experience, and a plan of action moving forward towards your goals. Currently, Dr. Hodges is available on Fridays at the North Scottsdale location.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete, a weekend warrior or a not-so-active person, Hodges Physical Therapy will work together with you to focus and activate your body and your mind to improve and achieve optimal health. Dr. Cheri Hodges believes you can achieve optimal health by focusing on both your body and your mind.

The plan of action towards your optimal health will include manual therapy interventions, an exercise prescriptions and recommendations to getting back to activities that keep you healthy. Dr. Hodges will develop an individualized exercise program designed to regain and maintain a balanced musculoskeletal system. Each session will include instructions on the how, when, and why’s for each prescribed exercise, and recommendations about activities that are good for you to participate in as well as recommendations on activities you should avoid.


Working Toward Your Goal

  • I. Your Initial Visit

    The initial visit with Hodges Physical Therapy is a 90-minute consultation and costs $225.00.

    • Establish goals towards optimal health
    • Conduct a thorough physical examination
    • Align the results of the examination with your goals
    • Build a plan of action, toward your goals 
  • II. Your Plan of Care/Roadmap

    The plan of action is a road map towards your optimal health.  

    • Providing information about what activities are helpful and what to activities to avoid, and how to return to activities that keep you healthy
    • Therapeutic exercises prescription and skilled movement therapy 
    • Manual therapy treatment interventions
    • Collaboration with other health professionals
    • Support to achieve your goals for optimum health
  • III. Collaboration

    Dr. Hodges’ clinical practice welcomes collaboration with other health care providers as well as with any other professionals who are part of your team. She considers teamwork essential in the design of your plan of care. For example, Dr. Hodges has collaborated with other health care professionals:

    • Orthopedic surgeon
    • Primary care physician
    • Psychologist
    • Nutritional professional
    • Yoga teacher
    • Golf professional
    • Physical trainer
    • Physical therapist
  • IV. Your Follow-Up

    You may choose to follow your plan of care/roadmap independently with or without additional treatments. Dr. Hodges may also recommend follow-up sessions. Either way, follow-up sessions are always scheduled at the client’s discretion.

    • Weekly visits
    • Periodic 45-minute sessions. Fee per session is $175.00.
    • Ad Hoc: when you feel you are ready to up-date your program, a few weeks or even months after the initial visit


If you are interested in working together with Hodges Physical Therapy, please download and complete the Client Health Information form and Client Consent form which will provide Dr. Hodges with information on where you are now in your health journey and the specific goals you want to achieve.


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