Achieve Optimal Health

Activate your Body. Activate your Mind. Achieve Optimum Health. This is the roadmap designed at Hodges Physical Therapy. Each individual can achieve optimal health by focusing on their body and their mind. This core philosophy has been reinforced through 30+ years of experience in both clinical and in academic settings.

Dr. Cheri Hodges applies her expertise in alliance with your goals to develop a plan of action that works for you. Whether you are an individual thinking your body has more potential and would welcome a physical therapist providing a roadmap forward, or you are a physical therapist seeking post-professional education, let Hodges Physical Therapy assist you.


Applied Expertise to Individual Conditions

Dr. Hodges recognizes that each individual is unique, each condition is unique, and therefore treatment approaches must be tailored to the individual. The most common conditions clients have presented over the years include pain in the shoulder, hip, knee, neck and lower back.

For optimum health, Dr. Hodges utilizes manual therapy interventions, and skilled movement therapy to guide your body toward a balanced musculoskeletal system. She believes education and collaborative treatment strategies are key to optimizing health. Click on a plus (+) to learn more.

The most common conditions at the shoulder are related to the function of the rotator cuff muscles and the muscles that stabilize the scapula. In addition to treating the shoulder muscles, it is essential to address the function of the neck and upper back regions. The shoulder muscles attach to the spine and the coordination of optimal shoulder movements require good mobility and stability of the neck and upper back regions.

The most common conditions in the hip region relate to osteoarthritis and bursitis. For osteoarthritis, regaining the hip joint mobility is usually the first priority, followed by gaining strength and dynamic control of the hip and low back regions. Treatment for bursitis initially is directed toward decreasing the pain on the outside of the hip, but for optimal outcomes, treatment strategies are directed towards optimizing strength of the back and hip musculature to prevent the recurrence of the bursitis.

The most common conditions at the knee include meniscus tears, osteoarthritis, and total knee replacements. All of these conditions have common treatment goals of gaining full range of motion at the knee, followed by focused strengthening of the quadriceps muscle group and the hip musculature, and the mobility of the foot and ankle. The optimal functioning of the knee joint is dependent on the right balance of the muscles above and below the knee.

The spine is central to the function of the whole body providing the stability for our musculoskeletal system. Our spines work synergistically from our feet to the top of our head, allowing for fluid and controlled movement. Pain in the neck or pain in the low back is often a function of an imbalance in your muscle strength and flexibility. Treatment goals are focused on alignment of the spine and good neuromuscular control of movement. Initial treatment goals may be to reduce pain or other symptoms, and to prevent future symptoms, the focus in treating neck and back pain is on achieving symmetry and balance of the entire musculoskeletal system.












Click Question for the Answer

No, you do not need a doctor’s referral to see a physical therapist in the state of Arizona.

Dr. Hodges will complete an initial 90-minute consultation to get an understanding of your concerns before providing her recommended care plan and offering service. The fee for the initial consultation is $225.00. Follow-up appointments are 45-minutes and cost $175.00/appointment.

Hodges Physical Therapy operates on a fee for service basis and accepts checks, credit card and direct online payments through Zelle. Payment is required at the time services are provided.

Hodges Physical Therapy does not submit or provide billing information for insurance reimbursement, including Medicare.

Please bring the following 2 completed forms along with any medical records you would like to share with Dr. Hodges:

Wear comfortable clothing to exercise in and be prepared to expose your area of symptoms for the initial physical examination.


Client Testimonial

“I began seeing Dr. Cheri Hodges about a year after a total knee replacement. I am 70 years old and in good health, but for some reason I had not progressed as much as I thought I would or should. My surgeon is well-respected and my prior physical therapist was very good. So why was I still having pain and limitations after a year when I had worked hard and followed directions?

Cheri convinced me that I did not need to merely accept where I was at. I have weekly exercises to work on at home and she taught me how to identify, strengthen and focus on specific muscles. Cheri uses a holistic approach and encourages me to be aware of nutrition, walking with better posture and deep breathing. My knee and leg pain have improved significantly since we have been working together.  She is awesome — smart, kind, compassionate and fun to work with.”



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